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ECOLIG is one of the innovation initiatives that Suzano brings to the market and to our society - a renewable technology platform providing a portfolio of high-performance solutions.

The development of specialty chemicals based on lignin is major area of activity at Suzano and is a cornerstone of our Biostrategy – diversification in business that are closely related to our core pulp and paper business.

ECOLIG is our brand for lignin and lignin derivatives which have been developed for a range of applications. A suite of sustainable solutions for industry, consumers and our planet!



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LIGSEAL is a high-performance solution for phenolic resins application. As it is a biopolymer with phenolic structures in its composition, it reacts with formaldehyde, producing phenolic resins.


The world's first certified eucalyptus lignin factory

In 2019, Suzano began its pioneering initiative in lignin and its derivatives - ECOLIG. It is with great pride that we open the first plant for lignin derived from certified eucalyptus in the world.

Our entire ECOLIG portfolio is sustainably produced, using 100% certified eucalyptus, planted and harvested in Brazil – we only process what we grow. With our dedicated team of scientists and engineers, we are able to attend to the needs of our customers quickly and effectively.

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Want to find out more? Contact our team or email us ecolig@suzano.com.br! We are looking forward to hearing from you!