Our world demands changes. And to change, we need to renew ourselves, starting with the components that make us up and with the things that make up everything that we do and consume.

Every day we are forced to make choices, so why not choose to make the world better with each product?

That’s why we at Suzano developed Ecolig, a biomaterial from renewable sources that makes the most of the wealth provided by trees and enables us to make markets and products better, more sustainable and less polluting.

Innovating, yes and with a lot of sustainability.

Trees have much to teach us and, from their wisdom we developed ways to replace fossil-based materials in multiple applications, creating a universe of new possibilities.

Our team of specialists has partnered with leading companies which, like ourselves, wish to foster a new economy so that, based on each product, we can renew our lives and gradually bring a better tomorrow starting now.

Suzano Ecolig.
Innovability Inside.

Multifunctionality and Joint Development

Ecolig is an innovative biomaterial that co-creates, with leading companies, new products and solutions that will transform markets for a renewable future.


Phenolic Resins



Animal nutrition

Carbon materials



Agricultural dispersants


It’s not just lignin, it’s Suzano Ecolig

Our product brings a history of almost 100 years and a global presence spanning over 100 countries. We have more than 1.4 million hectares of planted eucalyptus forests, 12 industrial units and a mill exclusively dedicated to producing Ecolig.

The renewable future has already begun. Be a part of it!

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